Ford RV

A 1980 Ford RV. What more could you want? We purchased this beauty in Cleveland in the Spring of 2004. After much hard work, I think you'll agree that there's nothing more impressive OR luxurious than our mansion on wheels. This state-of-the-art luxury cruiser boasts 5 fully functional rooms (Kitchen, Dining, Living, Bed, Bath) all within a few short steps of each other. Jealous, aren't you?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Portable Power

"What if you're out in the country where it's too quiet?" you may ask. Aaaah. Glad you asked. If you miss the sound of the city - say the nightly visit from the freight train you've grown accustomed to - just fire up the generator for a few minutes and you'll be sawing logs again in no time.
And say for some reason that you're driving DOWN a mountain and your gas mileage has bumped up to 8 mpg. No problem. This baby runs directly off the front gas tank. Just have someone flip the switch while you're driving and you'll be burning 7 mpg again in no time.


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